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M. Mohty, France; A. Nagler, Israel; T. Facon, France
MGUS: A Journey in Time, A Long-term Follow-Up of 1384 Patients: Kyle
Access to Novel Drugs in Multiple Myeloma: Harousseau
Multiple Myeloma Perspective on future paths: Palumbo
Disease Therapy in Myeloma: Richardson
From Pediatric Hematology to Myeloma Genomics: Avet-Loiseau
Prognostic Factors: Avet-Loiseau
Role of Microenvironment: Mutis
Myeloma Nephropathy: Leung
Monoclonal Gammopathy of Clinical Significance: Fermand
Multiple Myeloma - PET Scan and MRI: Terpos
Minimal Residual Disease: Paiva
Disease response assessment in MM; Fernanadez de Larrea
Advances in Amyloidosis: Jaccard
Waldenström Macroglobulinemia Update: Leleu
Treatment of the Elderly: Facon
Transplant-Eligible Patients: Moreau
Consolidation and Maintenance in MM: Richardson
Total Therapy of Multiple Myeloma: An Update: Barlogie
Role of Checkpoint Inhibitors: Rodriguez
Role of HDAC Inhibitors in Multiple Myeloma: Mohty
The Japanese Perspective: Hot Topics; Shimizu
The Chinese perspective: Ongoing research: Chen
"Multiple Myeloma – The Indian Perspectives": Kumar
Smouldering Myeloma Diagnostic Criteria: Palumbo
Treatment for Smoldering Myeloma: Mateos
IMiDs, the Past and the Future: Leleu
Monoclonal Antibodies - Treatment of MM: Lonial
Role of Proteasome Inhibitors in MM Treatment: Delforge
Frailty Assessment & Therapy Adjustment: Zweegman
2nd Autologous Transplantation Role: Roussel & Cavo
Optimal Sequence of Therapy at Relapse: Mohty
Treatment of High Risk Myeloma: Sonneveld
Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: Nagler
Immunotherapy for Multiple Myeloma: Einsele
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